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Past Life Regression can open your mind to the possibilities of past lives.  Through Past Life Regression, you can discover the sources of problems and issues that affect your present day life by uncovering Past Life Memories and how they affect your subconscious.

Past Life Regression Testimonial

Have you ever experienced DEjA vu?

Do you notice an unhealthy pattern in your romantic relationships?

Do you feel blocked but don't know why?

Why did you choose your body, your family members, and the challenges along the path of this life?

Who are the individuals with whom you have lived lifetime to lifetime?

We are pleased to offer Hillburn NY past life regression hypnosis sessions for those who want to explore past lives. As part of Hillburn NY past life regression therapy, clients can explore and clear unhealthy patterns and relationships and allow for present day and past life healing. In addition, past Life analysis can enable clients to better understand their life lessons. Past Life hypnosis sessions are facilitated near Hillburn, NY by our staff of past life regression therapists.

Most people believe that we continue to exist in some form when our body dies. Past Life Regressions offer the client the means to understand and release past life emotional, physical, and spiritual energy still being held, which is no longer useful for us.

A Hillburn NY Past Life Regression hypnotherapy session can help you:

  • Overcome Past Life Patterns including fears
  • Identify souls who have incarnated with you over and over again
  • Heal Relationships
  • Identify and Remove Blockages
  • Understand the Purpose of your Life

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Residents of Hillburn, NY seek out Past Life Regression hypnosis for a myriad of reasons. Sometimes it is for simple curiosity and other times it could be to overcome an irrational fear or unwanted behavior. Clients may, or may not be aware of their most significant life challenges, but their subconscious mind is. Clients tend to receive precisely what will benefit them most emotionally, spiritually, and physically, even if the initial reason for their session is simple curiosity.

Spritual Guidance

Past Life Regressions offer clients from Hillburn, NY an opportunity for self discovery and growth. By uncovering Past Life Memories, clients often will become aware of the karmic patterns and recurring challenges that they face lifetime after lifetime. Identifying and understanding the source of unwanted behaviors from a previous life can help eliminate the need for patterns that no longer serve them.

There are many benefits to exploring life after death. It is not uncommon for clients to identify the souls they have incarnated with over and over again. There are those who believe that some relationships allow for growth while others may hinder progress. Certain clients discover that they are repeating the same limiting behaviors, sometimes playing the part of the victim, and other times playing the part of the instigator. Learning how you were treated by others, and how others treated you, can in some instances shed light on your current life patterns and allow for evolution. In some instances, promises or agreements with other souls that no longer serve you can be released.

Spritual Guidance

Limiting patterns can include irrational fears as well. There are instances when clients have unexplainable fears that cannot be traced back to a sensitizing event in their current life. Past Lives regressions can help pinpoint the true source of the phobia and allow the client to move beyond it. As an example, a fear of flying might have originated from a lifetime as a World War 2 fighter pilot that was shot down. Understanding that this fear does not need to impact a clients current life can provide a spiritual healing of sorts.

There is not only an opportunity to remove limiting beliefs, but in some cases clients can also retrieve beneficial lessons and skills from past lives. Once a past life talent or lesson is identified, it is sometimes possible to access those skills in the clients modern day life. Some people have found that past life talents are easily learned in their current life. Imagine how valuable that could be.

For those who are open to the idea of reincarnation, Eli is more than happy to explore Past Lives, Life Between Lives, and Future Life Progression utilizing hypnotic regression therapy with clients.

While some people are merely curious about exploring their past lives and future lives, from the therapeutic perspective, the main purpose of recalling past experiences is to help the person resolve issues that are creating obstacles in living one's present life fully. The value of each experience is in lessons it provides. Once they are learned, there is no need for such experiences to repeat, but until the lesson has been learned, the experience will tend to resurface in different forms.

When we feel stuck in life, when we feel hurt and upset because it seems that we are beset by some meaningless suffering, it helps to go back to the originating event, to get insight into the chain of events that lead to the problem and the lessons we weren't ready to learn then, and use this present opportunity to finish the unfinished business. Utilizing Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy, clients find that many illnesses miraculously clear up after the client finds a past life that held that same trauma.

A belief in reincarnation is not necessary for Past Life hypnosis therapy to be effective. As long as one works with the process, the mind will function whether or not one believes in reincarnation.

Spritual Guidance

Many past life therapists only focus on past lives. Eli is a Past Life Therapist and Consulting Hypnotist who also integrates past events in your current life. It allows the integration process to flow easily and for a client to understand his past life correlation with his present life.

How Long Is The Session?

The length of a Past Life Regression session is approximately 80 minutes. All sessions are **video and audio recorded for the client.

Past Life Regression

How To Prepare:

Please bring a List of the Cast of Characters: This list is a typed sheet listing the first names and relationship to you of people who have significantly impacted your life, both positively and negatively. It may include relatives, lovers, best friends (or antagonists) and teachers.

Please bring a List of Questions.

Rest well and please do not travel the day of the session. Eat a good breakfast and avoid too much liquid or caffeine. 

Eli Bliliuos, the founder and CEO of The New York Hypnosis Institute, was formally trained by Brian Weiss and the Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Regression. He considers Life Between Lives Regression and Past Life Regression to be his calling in life, and is honored to facilitate these sessions near Hillburn, NY.

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** Video and audio recordings are not guaranteed, as failures of equipment and file transfers do happen that are beyond the control of the NY Hypnosis Institute, LLC.

Even though many people have profound experiences, regressions experiences vary and cannot be guaranteed.

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